Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's tough when you actually want to speak out your mind, but u can't.
u think twice about whether u should just let it out or let it in.
if u dont say it, things will just hang. but on the other hand, if u do, u worry about creating bigger implications.

susah kan?
...or maybe it's cuz i think too much?

to those who don't know me, i do worry quite a lot. sometimes i dwell on small matters too much. maybe i tend to overanalyse little things, but not for the purpose to complicate matters, but to make sure they don't go awry in the end. that's just who i am.
i don't like it when things don't have a definite course, and i hate to assume. i'd prefer it to be straight -to-the-point, so that i know where i stand, what my limits are and how far should i go.
i know i have a lot more to offer, but i'm stuck here - clueless.

maybe this is the point when i should just leave it up to fate?


  1. Erkkk...ada masalah ke Dr?...hmmmmmm

  2. cik mat:masalah kecik2 je..biase la kan, takde problem tak sah ;)

  3. solat istikharah, dr... :-)

  4. Funny, came across your blog while searching for (guess what food!), Ayam Goreng Suharti and read what you wrote and from an absolute total stranger, allow me to say this;

    it is never about what we want but about what we give unto others, our friendship, our listening ear, our encouragement, our love even it means sometimes not saying what we want to but what we know they want to hear, perhaps it is a part of being selfless, our righteous humanity because every coin has two sides and our side may not necessarily be the right one.

    Being clueless is part of growing up and as we mature and grow older, we find those answers eventually. Don't go looking for them because they will come to you one way or the other and perhaps in a bigger picture, the one above has not decided it is the right time for you yet.

    Be happy Doc and chin up, life is a joy always, to wake up and feel the warmth of the sun, the smell of lavender across the fields, hear the laughter of children and knowing that you are loved by your parents, your friends and the one above.

    D :)

  5. anonymous1: solat istikharah dah :)

    anonymous 2: thank you dear stranger for the wise advice. you are indeed very right, answers will not come to us everytime, perhaps it's better to just wait for them to come to us :)

  6. Eh, Doc, you are welcome lah.


    Ps: I like your blog, please write more.