Saturday, December 18, 2010


okayy hari ni i mmg active blogging although siang td pegi engagement Munirah and came back quite late from lepaking at Austin Chase's. hari ni je i dah upload 3 blog posts including this one. i'm not feeling that good since the past couple of days, so i guess blogging helps take my mind off things :-/

i was upset about something hari tu (still am actually), but decided to go out with a friend to distract my thoughts. we had dinner at this place i've been wanting to try out actually - called 'The Apartment' at The Curve. the place was decorated as if it was literally an apartment, siap ade katil lagi. i prefer that kind of place when i want to have a quiet, peaceful meal.

believe it or not they decorated the table with tealight and fresh parsley in an aluminium can.

i had their Shepherd's pie. just nice cuz the mashed potato was really soft and gooey.

kali ni model makanan i dah mogok - so i terpaksa amek gmbr makanan je la ;P huhuu

we had this for dessert - Peach and Strawberry pavlova. first time i rasa pavlova and i loved it. one of these days i think i should try and make one myself.

tomorrow i'm oncall. on a sunday. it's really not cool to be oncall on a weekend when my mind's disturbed by something. bencinyer :( :( :(

Munirah's E-day

today my childhood friend, Munirah or as we fondly call her Munir, tied the knot with the man of her dreams. after almost 2 years, they finally did it - even kejap gaduh kejap baik pun kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana kan? :)

the mini dais.

according to her it all happened in a short notice - just 3 weeks prior. but i guess she managed just fine - mana nak cari baju tunang, pelamin , brg2 hantaran, makeup artist, khemah & katering lagi. kira hebat la tu bole siap dlm 3 weeks. kalau i lah, 3 minggu je nak buat semua tu mmg bersilat la nmpaknye. huhu. nowadays mcm2 trend org buat for engagement day - some like it elaborate, some like it simple. i dont know about others, but for me events like this happen only once in a lifetime, so if it were to be my engagement day i would like it to be intermediate - just in between. not too grand, not too simple. cewah berangan la plak kan ;P

her theme was dusty pink with purple plum. i guess warna dusty pink (or 'pink belacan' as i call it ) mmg tgh in skrg. ramai je i tgk pakai this color skrg ni. tp i tak minat sgt la pink2 ni. hehee..

sementara tunggu Munir bersiap, kitorg takde keje other than camwhoring.heheh

the girl next to me with the pink tudung tu Ika, she's one of my bestest friend in the whole world. lama tak jumpe die since i started working.tadi pun tak sempat sgt nak catch up but i always text and call her especially when i have any issues, no matter how big or small. mwahss22 saaayanggg ko!

after the make-over. darah manis ni weyy..;))

patiently waiting :).

the hantarans. 7 dulang balas dgn 5 dulang from the guy's side. mostly hantaran tu made of sweets/manisan.

skrg giliran kitorg pulak amek berkat ngeheee~

lepas dah makan2 at Munir's place, all of us headed to my house for an outdoor photoshoot. sbnrnye nak pegi kat taman tasik titiwangsa tp mcm nak hujan plak, so we made a detour instead.

lepas outdoor photoshoot, kitorg dgn pakai baju kenduri nye terus pegi lepak kat Austin Chase @ wangsa walk. kat sana ade mcm2 games, so ktiorg pun main la scrabble. i dah berkurun gile tak main scrabble, rusty okkk.

haaa jgn salah faham tau, ni bukan jari Munirah, tp ni jari jemari i yg pakai cincin tunang Munirah. hahahahahahahahaha :D. amek berkat punye pasal maa...;P cantik gak ek gold ring with diamonds byk2 mcm tu. sigh...berangan lagi la nmpaknye. uhuk2..

anyhoo, to Munirah & Imran - congratulations on your engagement, and may your love blossom with each passing day. kawen nanti mesti jemput ye :)

Paris Van Java @ Bandung trip.

i never knew Bandung has another name - Paris Van Java or Paris of Java. maybe sbb tempat tu kirenye syurga shopping mcm Paris kot? hehee. only my sister and i went on this trip- my parents taknak ikut sbb we both mmg intend utk shopping je kat Bandung. lgpun my mom dah pernah pegi pun, nothing much to see according to her. i dgn my sister ok jee, jalan bdua lagi senang nak gi anywhere sbnrnye :D

ktorg naik Air Asia early morning flight. nasib baik takde delay.

Bandara Hussein, Bandung. Bandara is short for 'Bandar Udara' i.e airport in Indonesian language.

smpai je kat airport, ade driver from our hotel dah tunggu to pick us up. it's actually safer to hire them instead of just hopping into any taxis. atas ni view Bandung town.

ni namanye AngKot or short for 'Angkutan Kota'. it's some sort of a minibus in Bandung. most of them commute all over town using this mode of transportation. angkot ni pintu die mmg tak penah bertutup. kalau kat tepi jalan, u tahan je angkot ni, terus hop in dgn pintu die yg terngaga tu. agak ngeri gak la. huhu.

ni our hotel - Grand Seriti Hotel. it's not too bad i think, highly recommended kalau anyone ade yg nak pegi Bandung :)
my sister teringin nak makan kat tempat ni - Ayam Goreng Suharti. tgk gmbr ibu Suharti tu pun i nak tergelak dah. heheee. but surprisingly food die sedap jugak la.

haa ni la rupe menu kat kedai ayam goreng suharti. mmg promote gile la muke makcik Suharti tu. :D

the place was famous for this - Ayam Goreng Kremes. seriously mmg sedap - the chicken was tender, yg sedap tu die nye kremes i.e kerak2 ayam tu.nyumm2.

Gado-gado- ni pun sedap jugak.die mcm pasembur Penang tp version lain sket.

my sister paksa i minum air ni -nama die jus alpukat i.e avocado jus. manis sgt & somehow it reminds me of thick yellowish phlegm. eee-yuck.

percaya tak makcik suharti tu jual jugak kremes ni dlm bekas????! surprisingly ade org beli mmg sedap pun kremes die.

haa mcm ni la rupa dlm angkot yg i ckp td tu. nmpak pintu die ternganga luas tu???

kalau bwk budak kecik mmg takleh naik la angkot ni. bahaye sungguh.

tempted gak nak naik beca ni - tp takot plak hihi.

this is how Bandung street looks like. sepanjang2 jalan tu mostly ade je Factory OUtlet stores. Bandung ni mmg famous for its FOS - branded stuff bole dpt murah sket la from the usual price.

this is the largest and most famous factory outlet store in Bandung - Rumah Mode. it's like a 5 minute walk je from our hotel.

we spent quite some time @ Rumah Mode. then we headed off to other FOS along Jalan Setiabudhi, Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago. but to me, rumah mode jugak yg paling best. so lainkali kalo ade sesape nak gi Bandung, its actually enough if u just shopping kat Rumah Mode alone cuz tempat lain tu takdela menarik sgt.

lepas habis tour kat FOS, kitorg gi Paris Van Java plak - it's a shopping mall actually. boleh tahan la jugak tempat tu, somehow it reminds me of The Curve :)

kat paris van java my sister brought me to hav dinner @ Solaria. she wanted me to try Mee Pangsit Ayam yg kat atas ni ha. pangsit tu yg mcm crispy snack tu, it's eaten together with the mee. it's my first time makan pangsit and i loved it! i pun xtau pangsit tu dibuat dr ape, i try tgk kat pakcik google this is what i got:
"Pangsit is a small crispy Indonesian snack with some meat loaf inside. It is one of the easiest snacks to make."
For the pastry:
1 cup wheat flour
2 tablespoons tapioca flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon pork fat or oil
about 1 cup water
1 tablespoon tapioca flour for dusting
For the stuffing:
about 500 g / 18 oz pork or chicken, mixed with minced shrimp
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 bunch chives
oil for frying

Mix together the wheat flour and tapioca flour with the eggs, oil or fat and knead, adding water little by little, until a smooth dough that no longer sticks to the hands is formed.
Then dust the dough with tapioca flour and roll it out as thinly as possible. Cut into squares 10 x 10 cm/4 x 4in.
Wash the ingredients for the filling and the chives and chop up. Mix well. Place 1-2 tablespoons of this filling in the middle of each square of dough.
Fold the corners of the squares on top of each other so as to make a triangle. Make a dent lengthways in the middle of the triangle to create a kind of butterfly shape.
Deep-fry in plenty of oil. It takes about 5 minutes per run. These "pastry parcels" make ideal starters. They are delicious served with Sambal cuka or Sambal bawang putih.
nyum2 i definitely will try it out soon!! ;))

rakus kan i makan pangsit tu? sedap worrr..

our 2nd day in Bandung - we started off with visiting Gunung Tangkuban Perahu. kitorg hired an MPV with a driver to drive us around the whole day cuz it's easier and much safer that way. the rate was indonesian rupiah 500 for 12 hours. not bad eh?

when we got there it was surprisingly very windy - angin die sgt sejuk n kuat okayy. melayang my tudung segala. nasibbaik tak tercabut. huhu.

one thing u must be wary of when visiting this place is that sometimes those ppl selling the souvenirs might take advantage of you. they seem friendly and would approach you, telling u stories abt the place and all - but i pernah bc reviews dlm internet yg some of them may extort you for money tau. ade yg pakse tourists beli souvenir yg tahpape for a very expensive price. hari tu ade gak la a few yg approached us, but we managed to dodge them. phew.

one of the inactive volcano craters - Kawah Ratu. ade jugak yg still active, tp of course la my sister n i tak berani nak turun ke kawah tu. tak pasal2 meletup kang sia2 je nyawa kan?

kitorg terpaksa gilir2 je amek gmbr each other sbb tak berani nak mntak tlg org2 kat situ. tgk smpai baju i pun melayang kene tiup angin. nasib baik tak nmpak ape yg tak patut hohoo :P

my sister konon2 nye khusyuk la dgr org tu nye briefing kan. hahaha

beriya kan dorg jual mufflers, gloves and mittens. mcm kat overseas plak ek hehee.

sian pakcik jual jagung bakar ni - habis padam sume api die sbb angin kuat sgt.

teringin la plak nak naik kuda ni hari tu, tp sian plak takut patah je tulang belakang kuda tu bwk i yg berat ni. ahahahah

lepas visit Tangkuban Prahu, kitorg mntak pakcik driver hantar ke Pasar Baru - the place yg byk kain2 kebaya, or textile mcm2 jenis. kat situ la i borong kebaya2 i hari tu. lepas dah shopping 4 jam kat situ, kakak i bwk i makan foodcourt kat situ jgk sbb die teringin nak makan soto makassar. maklumla dulu time die blaja kat Makassar slalu la kot mkn soto tu.

i punye la ingat soto makassar tu mcm soto kat msia ni. rupanye lain sket. mmg soto die basically nasi himpit yg dimakan dgn sup daging, tp u all tgk la, die tak pakai nasik himpit - diorg bagi ketupat yg real ok. rasa mcm hari raya plak kan. yg uniknye my sis kate cara nak makan soto tu mmg kene pegang ketupat sebelah tgn, then sebelah tgn lagi makan sup die tu. demo die mcm yg i buat kat atas ni ye - memule u all korek la ketupat tu dgn sudu (memandangkan my sister taknak jadi model, so i la yg terpaksa jd model utk demo cara2 mkn soto makassar ahakss)...

...then celup la ketupat tu dlm sup daging yg dah sprinkled dgn kicap & lada.

ni pulak lauk yg i try - name die Nasi Timbel Komplit i.e steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf. it's served with fried chicken, ulam2, sambal cili & tempe. rasa die mcm ayam penyet jugak la sbnrnye. sape2 yg big fans of ayam penyet definitely would love this dish.

on our way back to the hotel we stopped by at a famous cake outlet in Bandung called 'Amanda'. ramai our friends yg pegi Bandung recommended this place so we decided to just buy a few brownies to bring home. byk brownies yg amanda ni buat, there's plain choc brownie, brownie tiramisu, brownie with cheese, pandan etc.

kat Amanda tu pun ade jual risoles - first time i tgk risoles yg dicucuk dgn cili padi. quite unique eh?

so that sums up our Bandung trip. byk gmbr yg i tak sempat nak amek actually, tp takpela. to me there's nothing much to see in Bandung, except if u plan to shop. if given another chance i would definitely go back - but just to revisit Pasar Baru n borong kain! ;P