Saturday, January 15, 2011

new regime.

it's not a fun weekend let me tell you.

why? cuz i had to work on both days - no day off for me this week :(.

bummer huh?

wpun cam pathetic kene keje both days, pagi td i pegi keje gile semangat ok. i bgn kol 4 pg, then kol 5 dah bertolak from home. smpai ward je exactly 5.30am on the dot. nurses sume takjub tgk i dtg awal sgt smpai ckp 'Dr Liana, awalnyee dr. datangg. mengigau ke ape ni?' hahaha. i bukan ape, semalam i felt sooo penat plus lenguh2 bdn lepas workout kat gym hari tu. sume Jody my personal trainer punye pasal. habis die dera i with squats and lunges, not to mention pushups and cardio training. mmg pancit i okayy. the next day tu sakit2 badan ya amatt..tu yg semalam i tido awal gile, pas magrib je terus pancit tido smpaiiii the next mrng. hebat kan? heheee~

patutnye ptg ni ade gym session lg with JOdi, but td he called me up and had to cancel the session as he had a soccer match. die punye la apologize, i pun buat2 hampa la kan (tp dlm hati sbnrnye sukeee yabedabedooo :D :D ) adoii camne la nak kurus camnehhh..ish22.

since i started gym last week, i had to force myself to go on a diet as well. kalau tak whats the use of hitting the gym but yet makan tak jage kan? so dgn azam yg kental i pun pegi la beli brg2 makanan diet hari tu..all sorts of low fat cereal and wholewheat bread i beli. not to mention mcm2 salad and veges. diet i simple je, eat rice less, lebihkan sayur n fruits. and one big no-no is: NO JUNK FOOD in between meals. seriously. once u start munching on smthg, the calories will just grow on u. kalau rs lapar pun, i'll just munch some fresh carrot sticks je la. celeri sticks i tak mampu nak mkn mcm tu je - rs die mcm too strong. carrots tu atleast ade la jugak manis2 die kan. pagi2 i makan 1 wholemeal bun with half cup coffee, lunch i bwk wholemeal bread jugak 2 ketul gi spital with apples. malam baru la i makan mewah sikit - tu pun takla mewah sgt, just sup sayur tomyam with grilled chicken.

my gourmet meal -vege tom yam soup with grilled chicken. it looks a bit weird i know, sbb ade ayam grilled yg dicarik2 tgh berenang dlm tomyam sup tu. plus i letak suhun ngan fucuk skali dlm tu, a bit pelik la kan. but that's the way i like it and i've always had my tomyam soup this way mase kat dublin dulu. 6 bulan weh masak sup tomyam ni hari2 (diet punye pasal maa ;P hehee). best wor, time winter mkn sup ni panas2 mmg rase warmmm gile, takyah pakai heater pun takpe dah. heheh

so amcam, sgt ambitious tak i?
oh well, let's hope it lasts. ;P

kelmarin mase my 2-days off, sempat la kuar ngan fifi kejap. since die kate die ngidam Bubba Gump n i pun dah lame tak makan, we settled for a quiet long lunch there.

kitorg tried this out : cajun shrimp with toasted baguette in spicy sauce.

chicken fillets with fries. hancur berkecai dietku. uhuk2.

lunch at Bubba Gump @ the curve with Fifi. kenape la pipiku mcm di pam pam?? huwarghh stresssssss :'((

kelmarin i ckp la ngan Jody mase tgh lari atas treadmill tu.. i told him i wanted to target 'specific areas' la during my workout session ni. he laughed at me and said 'oh well, i understand most ladies are not satisfied with their body shapes and wants to achieve quick results, but u know what i'm here to train u as a whole - to improve ur body strength and stamina, not just to help u get good body shape. as time goes along, u'll get what u desire'. with that he winked and then made me run faster on the treadmill until i couldn't talk to object what he said. hmphhh sabar je laaaa. name pun die tu my personal trainer kan, of course la i ckp ape yg i nak achieve out of this gym sessions with him kan. ughhh. fine2, if by the end of the 1o sessions i dont achieve what i want, i tak kire die kene refund duit i balik!wawawawaaa

kawan2, sile pastikan sy tak langgar diet sy yea? if u see me cooking benda yg mengarut2 tlg marah kan i yeh yeh? i bg u all amanah berat ni tau. hehehh ;P


  1. Memang berkecai diet....tapi tom yam tu unik lah.

  2. go norli! go norli! i sapot u all de way bebeh :)

  3. amg: haah berkecai habis la cik mat oi..sob22. tomyam tu kirenye mcm 1 complete meal in a bowl la, ade protein from the chicken and also vegetables. senang cite kan ;)

    ika: hahaha thank u babe! xoxo

  4. nice idea la...boleh try gak kalau buat tomyam ayam cmpo vege pun sama je nutrition nye kan..huhuh..nk try letak fucuk n suun la plak..