Wednesday, November 17, 2010

benefit of the doubt.

Eid mubarak to every Muslim celebrating all over the world today. surely perut sume org dah penuh dgn rendang, lemang, ketupat segala kan? pastu surely pegi open house kan kan???

but for me, it has been indeed a mundane day instead.

i woke up at 430am, had my bath and got ready for work. i reached the ward at precisely 10 minutes to 6am. lepas solat subuh terus pegi ward and started updating the patients. today cuma i with another friend of mine yg cover the whole ward, sbb tu i dtg awal giler. nasibbaik la rounds dgn MO pun start a bit late, so i had ample time to update the lab results and review all patients. alhamdulillah la :) kol 3 ptg baru i finished all my work, and headed straight home. by then my family sume dah balik dr kampung i kat rawang tu. mmg i x sempat nak balik kampung pun today. so all in all, it was just like any other day for me - nothing special except for hearing takbir raya being aired in the radio.

i mmg tak sempat nak masak apa2 makanan raya. although i went home yesterday, i felt really tired sbb postcall ari tu kot. plus, mommy cuti semalam and she did all the cooking with the help of my sister. bila i smpai rumah je, makanan sume dah siap. rendang ayam + pulut kuning dah ade atas meja . lapar gile ok smpai tak sempat pun nak snap gmbr pulut n rendang tu. it was too nyummeyhhh thanks mommy! muacksss2.. :D

on a brighter note, things are starting to look up for me as the days go by. work isn't as dreadful as it was before, and i'm beginning to make new friends as i go along. life actually does get easier when u have good friends to laugh and cry with, don't u think? i do call myself loyal when it comes to friendships (and relationships too, ahem2 :P hahaha ), and by that i mean i dont just make friends for the sake of it. when i find that someone is on the same wavelength as i am, i'd make sure i keep that friendship going and not just u know, befriend any soul just to take advantage on them.surprisingly some ppl are like that u know. bila dah kerja ni baru nampak mcm2 perangai manusia..ada yg honest, ada yg two faced, ada yg batu api, ada yg berkira gile toksah ckp la. u choose who u want to be it seems. work politics they call it :). i just hope i dont fall into any of those bad categories. huhu

talk about friendship, my mates from PMC came by to KL last weekend for a rendezvous. i havent seen them since we started working - rindu giler we opted to have lunch at Sakae Sushi and oooh boyy, we spent hourssss there just talking and laughing away (while snatching sushi plates from the moving belt of course ;P)

the blue mermaid, purple mangosteen, the bronze diva and pouty miss baby blue ;)

just look at Apai's face while listening to Danial's animated stories - tak bole blah ok. ahahah

our Sakae moment :)

my happiness score - currently upgoing trend :D

im seriously thinking of applying for a few days leave this month or next the looks of it, i think i may be needing it earlier than i thought! ;P

i shud re-visit Pulau Redang soon. beautiful sunset kan? :)

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