Saturday, November 27, 2010


some people say u need to have targets to achieve what u want.

true enough you should. i do believe in setting goals beforehand in order to set yourself straight and achieve what u want. but sometimes i cant deny that targets can deviate, and at the end of the day u might not get what u initially hoped for. i find that in some circumstances when you dont set targets, thats when you'll score highest.

take losing weight for example. i tend to lose weight when im under stress or when i overwork myself. when i was a student, exams was the best time to shed kilos cuz no matter whether i eat or not, i'll just lose weight. i dont know hw it works, but i blame it on cortisol for inducing stress and make my body break down fat or protein more than they should. hahahah.when i started working 2 months ago i did shed a few kilos too (but regained them back again since i joined dengue ward.hmphhhhh). but seriously, that's the best example i have for not setting goals and yet achieving them anyhow :)

talk about weight loss, i'm seriously thinking of joining a gym soon cuz my weight is starting to worry me. igtkan when work starts i could stop worrying sbb igtkan surely akan lose weight gile2 sbb tension kan, tp nmpak gayanye my weight dah plateau dah ni..risau plak jadinye.hahaha. pastu join dengue ward yg sgt2 relax lagi la menyebabkan i mkn dgn jayanye. hmphh. tp takpe, next week is gonna be my last week in dengue ward, then i'll join the general female ward again which means i'll be busy and not have time to eat yeay! ;P

but nevertheless, i still need to find a gym soon. maybe i'll re-join KLCC's Fitness First where i used to work out 5 years back. and perhaps i should get a Personal trainer too cuz there are 'problematic' areas which needs professional attention. haha :P i wonder whether my personal trainer dulu named Jodi is still working there. he was soo nice, handsome gile plak tu cuz dah la mix Eurasian. ngehee..:D but he was mean to me during workouts - dera i naik tangga berbelas kali ok. jahat gile. it would be cool to have him as my trainer again though. we'll see how it goes.

now back to setting targets. at my age now, whenever i see an old friend's mother or especially when i attend weddings - people tend to ask me the same exact question - when will they hear my wedding bell? trust me people, if i know the answer i would gladly tell you without any hesitation. questions like 'bila nak merasa makan nasik minyak ni?' dont irritate me - i just find myself having trouble answering them. dulu i used to answer like 'ooh, entahla aunty, takde calon lagi..lambat lagi kot', but then my good friend ckp kata2 tu kan doa. so i did change my answer to 'insya allah aunty, kalau ade rezeki tak lama lagi kot. doakan ye'. ahaha..obviously the second answer is better kan? :) skrg if my colleagues tny i bila i nak kahwin, i just ckp 'insya allah tahun depan sblm bulan puasa kot'. dorg sume tergelak gile dgr i siap dah set time dah bile nak kawin tp bf pun xde lg. hueheuehuee..and i dont know y i slalu ckp insyaallah sblm bulan puasa tahun depan. maybe sbb thats what exactly what i prayed for in front of the Holy Kaabah 3 months back. i just want to settle down fast, be a good wife and mother so that i can feed yummy food to my family hehee. u all tlg doakan i skali eh :)

apemenda la yg i merepek ni i pun xtau la. mood membebel i tgh dtg kot skrg. hehee..anyways, a friend of mine just came back from Shanghai a few days back and he got me these:-

an authentic chinese calligraphy of my very own name. cool eh?and that person happens to know that i like red/maroon colour so that explains the red background.pandaiinyeeee org tu hihii ;P thnx eh, it'll definitely be a new addition to my collection rack ;)

a nice dusky blue + gold pashmina . i like the color combination, cantik. but i have to still give credits to him for trying to get a pashmina in my favorite color - teal.hehee. teal is a difficult color to get actually, unlike commercial colours like pink or red or green. it's ok xde color teal pun, i like dusky blue anyways :)

if u find urself wondering how does teal color looks like - let me just spare u the headache:

this is teal if u dont already know it. it's my all time fav color - hence the blog's name. kawen nnt pun i nak buat theme color ni bole tak? hihihi~

now this, on the other hand, is turquoise. it may be difficult to differentiate btwn teal and turqoise cuz they're basically in the same family, but fyi, teal has a deeper darker colour to it.
that's my collection rack in my room. dah byk sgt brg on its shelves, mostly byk mugs yg i collect from places i go to since the past few years. sume shapes and sizes ade. one of these days i need to re arrange them (not to mention to dust off habuk2 yg dah berkumpul dlm tu! eeekkkkk)

mlm ni tgh pk whether nak masak ke tak. ikutkan hati angin malas mcm tgh dtg ni (sbb esok oncall cardio ward arrrrghhhhhh), tp dlm fridge ade ikan siakap fresh my mom just bought. tgkla camne, if i cook i'll update the picture here later .

until then,toodles!


  1. ML doakan akak diringankan jodoh.insyaAllah =)

  2. ML: thanks for the prayer and for following my blog :) awk study medicine kat moscow eh? which university?

  3. eheheh, best nyer dpt nama dlm base cine :P

    mg2 dicepatkan jodoh & murah kan rezeki yea...Aminnnn

  4. Sis Liana,

    that Qs mmg slalu akan popup..kdg2 jenuh nk jwb, but my answer will be the 2nd smpi mama lak siap suh kwn2 dia carikan calon! erkkkk!!!

  5. Salam Liana. am your new follower. hee.

    i folo sbb u doc and u pandai masak. kagum ok sbb ada macam2 idea utk masak. hai... cemana la nk jd cam u ya.... :)

  6. snumun: haha definitely the second answer is better kan? :)

    cinta super: thanks for following my blog yg x sberape ni. i tak pandai masak pun, i just cook out of my own interest je. im sure u laaagiii pndai msk :)