Friday, November 5, 2010

quick update.

it feels like ages since i last blogged. i truly am sorry people, it's unintentional. i rindu gilerr nak masak n blog like i used to, but due to unfortunate circumstances - those things would have to wait :-/

a month + have passed since i started working. initially it was tough like ppl say it would be. i struggled and stumbled along the way, but now i can proudly say that things are beginning to look up. i still need some getting used-to with the fast pace of working, specialists or MO yg kadang2 ade yg garang ade yg baik. but hey, those are what working is all about kan. yg penting, gaji masuk :D teheee.

i got a day off today sempena Deepavali, and it's been put to good use so far. semalam i oncall for the 6th time, and alhamdulillah yesterday was the best call ever cuz i finally got to sleep! 4 jam i tido smlm sbb ade 2 admissions je.. i left the ward today with a big cheeky smile indeed ;) bahagia giler kalau everytime oncall pun mcm tu. hehee. esok keje lagi, but sunday i got the day off. maybe i akan cube bersilat kat dapur utk lepaskan gian..sebulan lebih tak masuk dapur woo. rase mcm something amiss je. huhuu.

this is the view taken from the balcony in medical ward 9D. lepas penat keje malam2 i slalu lepak pantry n just let my tired eyes rest by seeing the view. not bad eh? :)

ok it's past midnight alrdy and i have an early day tomoro. nighty night !


  1. hey dear. welcome back. lama gila tak dgr ur citer, i was like.. hmm.. minah ni sure busy kerja, on call manjang. oh, best eh on call dpt tido, baru la otak rasa segar nak bekerja.
    u buat rotation apa now? r u enjoying it? byk belajar tak?
    nwys, u take care. jgn lupa stop after a few hours to drink just a glass of water. trust me, it will keep u going. jgn ikutkan sangat panggilan kerja, work will never end la.

    oh ye, tgk gambar tu buat i rasa syahdu plak nak balik m'sia. rinduuuuu.. typical pemandangan from high rise building in m'sia, with all the lampu2 indah nun. :'(

  2. hehehe, mmg lama x ber hapdate.... finely... :)

    wish u best of luck dear...

  3. salam dear dr..
    hehe, tak pe update sekali2 pun ok, kontot2 pun bolehhh, at least mereka tau dr ada di sini..moga lebih tabah menghadapi dugaan...Dr Liana Bolehhh!!.

  4. aquahartz: wah x sgka blog i ni ade gak visitor eventho lama gila dormant. heee. i takde la slalu sgt oncall, ok2la.tgh buat medical rotation now, bz sikit la kot, still adjusting to the working environment :)
    how's life in melbourne? hope all is well for u too :)bila lg balik msia??

    melatiqistina'smummy: haha..sori2..nnt ade masa lg i update k ;)

    amg: cik mat!! thanks for the motivating words hehe. lame gile sy tak tgk blog cikmat tau. makin tgk makin mengancam plak ur food ;)