Sunday, November 7, 2010

my comfort zone :)

there's this cosy feeling i get whenever im in my own comfort zone i.e the kitchen. i dont know how to describe it, but it clears my head. it relieves my stress, helps me forget things. it feels good when i feed people and they finish whatever it is i serve on their plates. im sure fellow foodbloggers know exactly what im talking about kan? ;) i dah lama sgt2 tak masuk dapur..sebulan lebih since start keje. luckily this weekend dpt cuti 2 hari, baru la dpt merasa pegang sudip, pots and pans segala. td awal2 pagi i dah pegi Jusco n beli brg2 nak masak today's enu - beef lasagna. my mom buat muke pelik je i bgn awal2 gi beli groceries. tp die bahagia la sbb hari ni i masak lunch so die leh la goyang kaki je. heheee :D

for lasagna kena ada 2 sauce : the red tomato-based sauce, and the white cheese sauce.yg kat atas ni is the tomato based sauce - i mixed together with minced beef and button mushroom. nmpak tak still berasap lagi sauce tu? hehee

homemade white cheese sauce. believe it or not, sgt senang nak bwt white cheese sauce ni. i used to think it was difficult, tp tak pun. just sautee some chopped garlic in melted butter, pour in 2 cups of milk, add some crushed black pepper and a few spoonfuls of wheat flour. mix well until the consistency becomes thick, then throw in as much as cheese as u like.then voila!senang je kan? :)

one thing i hate about making lasagna tu bab nak merebus the lasagna sheets. kene guna pot yg besar, then rebus 2 sheets at one time je. sbb takut if rebus byk2 sheets at one time nanti they'll stick to each other. agak lambat la proses nak rebus sheets tu jadinye. lepas dah rebus, bole la susun2 the sheets - selang selikan dgn white sauce and red tomato sauce in between.

this is how the lasagna looks like after layering and sprinkled with dried parsley on top.

ni rupe die lepas dah makeup dgn grated cheddar cheese. hehee

baked beef lasagna.

and this, is the latest addition to my Nicholas Sparks novel collection. when will i get to read it i wonder???


  1. ehehe... best nyer, kalau doc ske masak, akak ske makan ... ngeeee

  2. yang mat gebu jelessssss.....

  3. heee...kita pun ada dat book..lom baca lg...ada 9 buku waiting kt rack..haha

  4. MQM: haha takpe kak, kalau suke mkn bole tlg abeskan ape yg org mskkan btl tak? :)

    AMG: haha ape yg nak dijeleskan cik mat??

    snumun: haha i pun baru bace a few pages je..bile la nak abes..huhu