Sunday, December 5, 2010

things i miss.

ok hari ni i tgh ade mood utk bwat dessert.

lately kalau pegi cafeteria kat hospital mesti ade jual apam gula hangus. pastu kebetulan my colleague ade sorg ni suke gile mkn apam tu, pastu i pun sj la kan tgk ingredients nak buat apam gula hangus ni. senang sesangat rupenye..bahan2 pun sume td dah ade dlm pantry. jadinye half an hour later...

...voila! ni la rupe apam gula hangus yg da siap di kukus :D

it was actually not as dark as i wanted it to be. next time i shud caramelize the sugar longer til it turns dark caramel brown i suppose, baru la suits the name 'apam gula hangus' kan? ;)

ni rupe die lepas dibedak dgn icing sugar.

tea for two anyone??:D

apam tu i potong2 then decorated them with kelapa parut. half of it i just sprinkled with icing sugar je. lagi senang buat mcm ni drp pakai loyang kecik2 tu i rase, lgpun i dont have the molds so campak je dlm baking tin and kukus lagiiiii express.

apam gula hangus.


1 cwn gula

2 cawan stg tepung gandum

2 sudu kecil soda bikarbonat (ayak tepung dgn soda bikarbonat)

1/2 cawan gula

tiga biji telur

1 cawan fresh milk

2 sudu butter

kelapa parut or gula icing utk hiasan


panaskan steamer.

sementara tunggu steamer panas, buat gula hangus dulu. cara die cume pnaskan 1 cwn gula atas kuali, tunggu smpai cair & perang lepas tu baru masukkan 1/2 cwn air dgn 2 sudu butter. let it cool.

pukul telur dgn 1/2 cwn gula, masukkan gula hangus, susu & tepung gandum with soda bikarbonat yg dah diayak.

masukkan adunan dlm loyang or small baking tins or ape2 bekas yg u all suka.

kukus for 10-15 mins.

decorate with icing sugar or kepala parut.

i finally had my 3 days leave approved by the department - so nx weekend i'm off to Bandung with my sister for a shopping spree. wheeeeeeee!!! sgt tak sabar nak tunggu next weekend okkk..i've been wanting a break from this hectic job for so long now. glad it's just around the corner. seminggu je lagi kene keje mcm mad dog, lagi plak tu esok i dah join the general medical ward again..then im off to bandung!! im really hoping to see my best friend Fifi who's studying in jakarta, but i know she's busy with student life so i wont impose on her. rindu sgt kat ko fifi!!

..somehow i do find myself missing a lot of things lately.

like how i miss reading a good book in my spare time. i rmmbr just lying in bed finishing up a thick story book just in 1 day.

i miss my good friends - fifi, nima, mustika, my pmc friends like sal and ain. i miss just gossiping away and laughing endlessly like there's no tomorrow.

i miss having them around to just lend their ears hearing myself go on and on about things im scared of, or unsure about. i miss my confidants, my girls :(

i miss the times in my kitchen, but i dont really complain now cuz atleast i get to cook once a week lately :). even the simplest things, it still makes me happy.
not to mention, i miss grocery shopping and taking my own sweet time strolling down the aisle looking for ingredients to cook.

...just like i used to stroll down the aisle in Jusco near my home whenever i get the chance to. u can count this as one of my happy places :P hehee~

i miss feeling carefree, without any worry in the world. work has made me lose that feeling, it's as if everyday i've got to be prepared for anything bad to happen - like what if smthg go wrong with the patients i'm taking care of, what if some medical officers or specialist gets pissed of with me or smthg?
indeed life is a constant battle nowadays. sometimes it drains me out emotionally u know.
luckily my break is just a week away (hoyeeehhhhhh :D :D :D),so fine.. i wont complaint as much :P .


  1. wah2x... mau ke Bandung yea kite :P

    tabah lah wahai doc, setiap kerja ade abaran nye.... cuma berbeza.... yg penting kita ikhlas... yg lain serahkan pada Nya... :)

  2. hehee..yela kite gi bandung nak release stress..:D
    yep true enough every job has its perks n disadvantages. ape nak wat kan, kene tahan je la :)