Saturday, December 18, 2010


okayy hari ni i mmg active blogging although siang td pegi engagement Munirah and came back quite late from lepaking at Austin Chase's. hari ni je i dah upload 3 blog posts including this one. i'm not feeling that good since the past couple of days, so i guess blogging helps take my mind off things :-/

i was upset about something hari tu (still am actually), but decided to go out with a friend to distract my thoughts. we had dinner at this place i've been wanting to try out actually - called 'The Apartment' at The Curve. the place was decorated as if it was literally an apartment, siap ade katil lagi. i prefer that kind of place when i want to have a quiet, peaceful meal.

believe it or not they decorated the table with tealight and fresh parsley in an aluminium can.

i had their Shepherd's pie. just nice cuz the mashed potato was really soft and gooey.

kali ni model makanan i dah mogok - so i terpaksa amek gmbr makanan je la ;P huhuu

we had this for dessert - Peach and Strawberry pavlova. first time i rasa pavlova and i loved it. one of these days i think i should try and make one myself.

tomorrow i'm oncall. on a sunday. it's really not cool to be oncall on a weekend when my mind's disturbed by something. bencinyer :( :( :(

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  1. salam dr...bagus n3, review tempat makan2...satu alternatif yang begitu menarik dari seroang DR..serius ni...