Wednesday, December 15, 2010


halooo peeps! i'm baaackkkk :D

it's my last day off today. i baru je smpai dr bandung yesterday. malangnye today i can't update blog beria sgt, this will be a preliminary one ok...sbbnye i have to study for tomorrow's end of posting viva. i'l be finishing my medical posting in january, but dorg arrange for an earlier viva utk medical HOs. doakan i lulus viva esok ok..cuak gak ni :(

what about Bandung trip?? well, if you minat gila dgn kain2 especially kebaya sulam then pls pls pls pegi Bandung and borong ok! sbbnye kebaya2 die sgt la cantik & worth it. murah gila banding ngan msian price. i borong 6 helai je..sbnrnye nak borong lg, tp tgk rupe my sister mcm dah tak larat je, i pun batalkan je la niat i tu. 6 helai pun jadi la..huhu

my sister snapped this pic masa i tgh khusyuk pilih2 kebaya. die kate i nmpak sgt rakus mase tu. ye ke?? huhu~

seriously u all tak caya eh kebaya die cun giler? meh i tunjuk:

haaaa...cantik tak cantik tak??? adui menyesal sungguh tak borong lagi..sobb222 :(jadi kawan2..sape nak borong kebaya sulam - sile gi Bandung ok! ;))

since i tak sempat nak upload sume pics skrg, i'll just upload one pic we took while visiting the famous volcano crater in Bandung - the so called Gunung Tangkuban Perahu:

it was sooo windy when we were up there ok - just look at my sister's face. hahahahahah :P. we were literally pushed over by the strong wind, sebbaik tak jatuh gaung masuk kawah gunung berapi tu terus.

by the way, this doesn't have anythg to do with volcano or bandung. i just found out one of my close friends since childhood is getting engaged this saturday. i'm really happy for her cuz we went through the same rough patch almost a year ago, we shared the tears and the heartache - but now die dah nak jd tunang org dah. congratulations my dear, i do pray for your happiness always. you see,when my close buds are tying the knot, i find myself wondering when will it be my turn? i feel extremely happy for them, but at the same time i feel there's a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach - a feeling that i just can't explain.

i wonder how unfair it is that people who breaks other's heart gets their happy endings first - it's just cruel. by karma they should rot away and suffer for what they did to others, but i know God almighty works in a mysterious way doesn't He? i'd be lying if i say i'm ok with being alone cuz truth is, i miss feeling like i belong.

i do want my own happy ending. one fine day i know my turn will come, and when it does the wait will be all worth it.
it's just a matter of time, isn't it?

hmmm...okaayyy this entry is beginning to sound like Aunt Agony's column. told you, i'm having mood swings lately :P.


  1. yes, dear. maybe bukan skang rezeki berpihak kepada kita, lain masa manatau lagi bagus yang datang :) Apapun Allah dah susun elok2 untuk kita.Dia yang lebih Mengetahui

  2. anna: thanks, mmg betul ape u ckp tu. kene sbr & leave it to Allah btl tak :)