Tuesday, September 7, 2010


semalam tak sempat nk update blog sbb i berbuka kat luar with my friends. we had dinner at Kg Thai @ Ampang - it was my first time there. overall food was OK, i personally loved the butter squid ;)

rupe kampung kat Thai mcm ni ke? hehe

green curry chicken. rase mcm ayam masak lemak je sbnrnye.

ikan siakap stim nyonya.

butter squid. yummm!

kangkung goreng belacan.

ha yg ni plak takde kene mengena ngan kampung thai:
this is just a teaser from my ex-housemate's professional photographer on her engagement day. nice eh?:)

meanwhile, this is something i found while surfing the net. surely life shouldn't be this depressing, right????
pagi ni Munir + i are going to brave thru the crowded streets of Jalan TAR to do some last minute raya shopping. nak cari tudung Rozita! (sape x tau tudung rozita tu ape sile google :P tak kuasa nak explain kat sini. heheh)


  1. salam ziarah ramadhan,salam kenal

    yummy2 :)

  2. hi peri pia. thnx for dropping by :)