Saturday, September 4, 2010

scary nightmare.

last night i had this weird dream - i dreamt i was already working as a houseman at the time, and i was called to see this chap who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. he was screaming his head off, and i saw he that unfortunately he has lost both his legs. the next thing i knew it was my turn to scream, and then i blacked out. i woke up on a patient's bed, with my legs wrapped in gauze from toe-mid thigh. whatever happened afterwards were hazy, and then i was awakened from sleep at 4am by Lilo's (my cat) growling - that was her cue to ask me to open the door and let her out. sheesh. this houseman thingy sure is getting on my nerves. takut maaa!! *cries*

i dont know, i'm having mixed feelings about my future working life..i mean, who doesn't?a part of me is really anxious + frightened, but at the same time, i'm kind of looking forward to know, to get myself busy and preoccupied with something, so that i can shove these unwanted thoughts that have been roaming at the back of my mind far far away. people say i need to make myself busy, think of other things to do - and that way maybe i'll heal faster. plus, who knows, maybe with a twist of fate i might find someone new & go on with my life, right? :) so yeah, all hope is not lost people...luckily it's not.

anyways, that aside, i've been successfull at today's attempt to make a second batch of those double choc chip almond cookies. i've made one batch last week, but i thought something was amiss with it. tu yg tak puas hati tu, nak jugak buat 2nd batch today. so i did, and i used the same recipe, but this time i used chocolate emulco instead of cocoa powder - and the result was surprise surprise : much crispier and darker cookies. i loike!

cookies yg tak berapa nak hitam legam. i sbnrnye suke cookies yg hitam gilers mcm yg kat Famous Amos tu. nampaknye next time kene letak lebih choc emulco neh.

nampak lagi rangup kan cookies ni? sbbnye i gentel kecik2 je td..berjam2 gakla nak tunggu habis satu bowl besar adunan tuh.

untuk berbuka hari ni, i masak sup tulang dgn sambal belacan. lemak sup tulang tu ya allah...pekat nak mati. berkeladak habis periuk! i tadi masa berbuka, tak berapa nak selera mkn sup tu lepas tgk betapa horrornye lemak die yg berketul tu..eeeii..terus terbantut seleraku. i wonder mcm mana org bole makan sup gearbox tu smpai hirup2 segala kuah & marrow yg berlemak tu.mmg boleh clogged artery dibuatnye!

sup tulang -an artery-clogging food at its best. huhu.

sambal belacan.

esok tak tau la ape projek nak buat. i maybe akan 'bersara' dr projek kuih kot. malas dah la..nak berehat2 bermaharajalela je la pasni. hehee. ;))


  1. Betul tu, pak mat pun tak faham mcm mana org boleh makan sup gear box..mcm nak bunuh diri kan..erkk..tak mooo....

  2. mat gebu: tula cik mat..mmg horror..cara paling senang nak bunuh diri mmg makan sup gearbox tu je la..huhu

  3. hi dr liana.. nmpk sdap la double choc chip cookies 2.. resepi x share ke? hehe..