Monday, August 2, 2010

taste berries.

some of you folks might wonder, why im quoting my daily quotes from this book called "Taste berries for Teens"? i've actually had this book for ages now, you see, when i was in high school i was a big fan of inspirational books like those "Chicken Soup for the Soul series", quotes books, and things like that. im a sucker for those things. i remember buying little books filled with quotes and using them in my english essays (hey it earned me good marks in my english essays okay ;P ) or even love letters (haha :D). these things do come in handy when u least expect it. :)

so today i'll be explaining all about the taste berry;-


When we help others by sweetening life's joys and easing the bitterness of its disappointments and losses - by helping them see our world as full of hope, less impossible and more glorious - we become their taste berry. [adapted from the book Taste berries for Teens].

The 'taste-berry', is a magical little red berry which originates from Africa, that miraculously convinces our taste buds to experience all foods, even bitter or horrible bites, to be sweet and delicious. it has been documented to make sour fruits such as lime or lemon to taste sweet on the tongue. Hence, people can, and must, be taste berries to each other in the sense that we must try to help, support and encourage others in whatever it is they delve into. by doing this, we help bring meaning and purpose to their journeys, as well as to your own.

Promise of the day:

I will write it upon my heart to be taste berries to others.


late this afternoon, my older brother and sister in law came by the house. They asked me to join them for lunch at Chili's KLCC. before that, we saw a new cupcake joint just opposite TGV which looked sooo inviting, called Bijoux - so we opted to try it out. to me it wasn't as great as it looked, but the presentation was surely a feast to the eyes.

then we headed for lunch at Chili's, which as usual, had a terribly long waiting list. hmph.

these were the meals we ordered: nachos with guacamole and sour cream dip, fried chicken and mash potatoes with black pepper gravy, and finally grilled lamb. sgt muak lepas makan nachos td ok..i literally kopek all those cheese on top of the nachos and ate them without the cheese. sgt2 la muak..bluwekkk. but the mash potato was awesome! hehe


  1. omg i miss their nachos, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes!

    btw,u babe are my TASTE BERRY!

  2. then u must come home soon!!! :D

    and yes u definitely are my taste berry too!!! *hugsss*

  3. hye young your new follower...nice to reading your entry..