Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tough times + happy days.

I have been on the most blissful holiday ever since i graduated about a month ago. since then, i need not worry about studying, piles of books that haven't been read, formulas or mnemonics that i have not remembered, worrying about screwing up in the final exams or even letting my parents or family down. those days are beyond me now, and i am really blessed to get to where i am today. happy days :)

besides cooking everyday for my family, i didn't do much besides tidying up the house a little bit, playing with my 2 cats and occasionally when my mood's jolly i would re-decorate my room. i wake up not that late anymore, i dont know why, maybe because i've had enough of sleep already (dah qada' tido yg tak cukup sejak 2 bulan terakhir b4 grad hari tu sepuas2nye dah :P hehe). lately i rarely sleep after 12 midnite, and i wake up for Subuh around 6-ish and did not get back to sleep. normally i would do some bodyjamming for 40 mins, then had my coffee with toasts, and watch tv till late afternoon and then start cooking for dinner. if i terlebih rajin i would cook lunch, but nothing fancy since im the only one eating it pun. i have to say though, since i've got a new blog now, i think i have more time to kill. yela, tercongok dpn laptop je dah dlm sejam..mengarut2 tgk facebook lg sume..dok rumah sorang2 ni agak pathetic kan. nak kuar ngan kawan2 sume pun keje..tula sape soh tanam anggur lame2 kan? ;P hihi..

i baru je bersilat kat dapo tadi, masak a simple lunch for myself - semalam masa grocery shopping, rase mcm mengidam nak mkn spagetti. luckily i still had leftover beef minced in the freezer.

spagetti bolognaise with mushroom. lame tak masak sendiri mende alah ni. my version of it may be a bit weird to others in the sense that i added cili boh after tumis bawang, then baru add ready made spagetti sauce and the rest. i dont know why i like my spagetti bolognaise better when i sauteed cili boh dulu, tekak melayu lg dominant kot.huhu. marah italians if they know i 'derhaka'kan (cik mat mintak izin pinjam ur favorite word ni eh! ;)) ) recipe nenek moyang dorg neh.hahaha
benda alah yg warna putih berketul2 tu is my home made white sauce. berketul2 sket sbb tadi susu nye stok nak habis..sudahnye jadi terlebih pekat plak sauce tu. tak kisah la rupa dia agak hodoh, asalkan it tastes the same.hehe

and these are a must-have for me when cooking italian dishes - italian herbs, oregano, basil, and parsley. normally i pakai bay leaves jugak, tp stock dah habis. herbs ni are much better if they are fresh, like in cooking shows on Asian Food Channel kat Astro tu - Jamie Oliver or Nigella ke kalau nak daun basil, just petik je dari dlm pot just beside their windowsill. menarik kan?? :D.
the other day i saw those little pots of herbs being sold at the Cold Storage, rase sgt2 tempted nak beli but pk2 balik kang mati je daun2 tu tak dipakai. bape slalu sgt la i masak italian dishes pun kan..lain la kalau tanam daun kari, daun ketumbar or daun limau purut kat dlm pot tepi tingkap. tu gerenti cepat botak pokok2 tu sbb asek petik je..hehehe..

after i had my morning coffee td, i felt compelled to browse thru my old stack of CDs containing old photos i saved from my days in Kolej MARA Banting, during my years in Dublin, and recent years in Penang. terbahak sorg2 tgk betapa horrible nye my sense of fashion was during those days! but it was fun reminiscing the good old days. it made me realise that i have went through a lot (some were s**t, but mostly they were sweet memories of course :) ) since the past 7 years until now. and i know that insya Allah, there's nothing that i cannot face in this world, as long as i have Him and my beloved family and friends by my side. i browsed thru my Taste Berry book just now, and found one inspirational quote that matches;-


Eventually one learns to see that no matter how bad things get, there is always "light at the end of the tunnel".
Sometimes when a situation looks tough, whether it be an overwhelming schedule or a broken heart, you may question your ability to get through it. know that you can - and will. sometimes it's the slow plodding of putting one foot in front of the other and encouraging yourself that gets you slowly but surely to the other side of a difficult situation. once on the other side, renewed hope takes over - and when you've learned this, share your hopeful experience with others who are walking through their own dark days. "it'll get better", you can promise and encourage, knowing with absolute certainty that it surely will. because experience has taught you there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.
Promise of the day:
I will let someone who is strugging know that eventually it will get better.
I dont know anyone of my friends going through a hard time now (thankfully), so i'll just share my two cents here just in case any of you readers are rotting away because of a hard time.
If there is one thing that i've learned during the past 5 gruelling months, surely it's the fact that all things heal with time, even shattered pieces of a broken heart - and indeed, there is light at the end of that seemingly gloomy tunnel. All you need to do is believe. When things get rough, look back on what you've achieved so far (just as i have done today) , and realise that you've gone through so much to get to where you are now, and that requires a great deal of courage. Nothing (or no man for that matter) can break you.
well of course, that comes from an inexperienced lass like me. i'm only 25, excuse moi. :)


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