Thursday, August 12, 2010


i'll be off to the airport in an hour's time. bags are all packed, and the things that i'm bring with me other than my luggage is HOPE and this heart of mine. now that this day which i've waited for has arrived, i'm overwhelmed with i dont know..relief and close to tears maybe?

pray for our safety ok, hopefully I'll be back in one piece. until we meet again, slmt berpuasa semua. i'll see you folks in 2 weeks :).

p.s: i just found out that my ex housemate in Penang just got engaged. and she did so without telling me about it! i guess it's supposed to be a secret, but she too had gone through a terrible patch just like i did during our final year. but look where she is now, she's finally found her fairy tale ending. and im extremely happy for her - congratulations dear!

i hope i'll get mine soon. :)

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  1. Selamat Berangkat untuk Dr n family.....moga semuanya ok yeaa...