Monday, August 2, 2010

new beginnings.

i know i have histories with having a new blog account made whenever a chapter of my life ended. it's somewhat mandatory for me you know, cuz that way it marks a new beginning. and also serves as a reminder that life goes on, no matter what.

so yeah, here's to my newest addition to the blogger family : turqoise-teal. (i superlike the name,which is sooo me!love it love it! hehe :D)

i made a lot of resolutions for the coming months (who says one should only make resolutions at the beginning of a year? anytime works fine kan?? ;P). i know some ppl try to post up a picture a day in their blog, and it's such a cool idea i think. but i think that maybe a bit taxing on my part, plus i dont own any DSLR cameras (as yet :P). so instead, i have this crazy idea to post up an inspirational quote for each 365 days in my blog (yeah dream big girl! i know for a fact that once i start working, this will soooo not happen! hahaha). but until i start working, i'll try my best to post up a quote everyday.

what do u think? daydreaming-much? ;P hehee.

anyhow, i'll start today - just to give u a sneak preview okay? :)


Especially when you are feeling bad or facing a tough time, remember all the way that your life is as good as it can get.(quoted from 365 days of Taste-berry inspirations)

sometimes it's difficult to see the good in your life when you're overwhelmed by stress, strugging with a problem or even when you have a broken heart. Especially at those times, recall what is good and positive in your life. Doing this helps you feel that in spite of a hardship you're facing, all in all, your life is good and that you are thriving - and so y0u will vow to persevere through this challenge.

You are grateful for all that is good, and so hope takes over. hope makes it possible for your strength to be renewed, your stamina to be restored and your spirit to be lifted. make it your desire to be grateful, and all else will seem possible.

One fine day, you'll see that rainbow again.

Promise of the day:
I will tell my best friend three things for which i am grateful. so Fifi, nima + ika, if u're reading this, im grateful for:

1. having u guys as my best friends! xoxo (oh, btw, today's friendship day, so happy friendship day darlings! mwahsssss )
2. having a wonderful supportive family
3. having a pair of eyes that can see clearly, two perfect hands and feet that can get me moving and having things done, a mouth that can speak, having a body which is disease-free (so far).

so there you have it. from this day on, im going to dream BIG!


  1. gune phon camera je doc.. practical!

  2. adie: mmg i pakai phone camera je for my food entries dlm blog ni..hehe