Tuesday, August 10, 2010

picnic @ putrajaya.

ok2, i know i said i wont blog until after i come back, but this is just a short post anyways :)

so last monday, my childhood best friend a.k.a Ika and I planned to meet up for a (breakfast) picnic at Putrajaya. we've been planning for another rendezvous since weeks ago, but Ika was kind of caught up in her assignments and stuff, so i volunteered to come over to Putrajaya which is nearer to her place in Serdang. when the date was confirmed, i drove as early as 7.15am to Putrajaya on a Monday morning. mcm org nak pegi keje pun ade kan?hehe..but it was all worth it, just for the sake of seeing my longtime bestfriend ;)

we agreed to meet at Masjid Putra, and from there we would find a suitable place to sit down and have our picnic. i was having one of my 'malas' mood masa tu, so i did not cook anything from home. instead the previous night i went to Big Apple's donuts and bought some as part of our breakfast/brunch menu. clever eh? hahaha..sgt la malas nak masak masa tu i tell you..i pun ade angin malas gak ok..;P hehee

around 8-ish ika arrived, then we hopped on into her car in search to find for our perfect spot. we then found a spot @ Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, which overlooks the mosque and the lake. just the PERFECT place to sit down, bentang tikar, have a decent meal and chitchat to catch up on each other's lives.:D

the picnic spread - big apple donuts, kuih keria, baby chiffons, nasi lemak, soft drinks. enough to make us full.

ika was kind enough to bring along nasi lemak, kuih keria + baby chiffon? (haha ape name kuih tu yg betul ek ika? :P)

omg..sumpah , nasik lemak ni mmg terbaek!!! sedap gile gileee..ika nanti ko tapaukan utk aku la..sambal die sedappp..huhu..
we went to the same school since standard 3 i guess, but we became real tight 15 years ago. the good old days eh?:)

ika with her bag yg bertemakan ala2 picnic style.hehee ;)

...and this was the best part! i brought along our old letters - the ones which we wrote to each other back in standard 5, up to the days when we were in secondary school. surat2 tu dah berusia atleast 15 years old ok.bole jadi artifak tak? huhu. luckily i kept them all in boxes and store them safely in my old closet. im kind of a 'keeper' sort of person too - whatever i have i tend to hold on to it as keepsakes :)

just look at her expression while reading one of her letters to me - it was really hilarious ok! masa darjah 5 dulu asek2 tulis pasal pakwe pakwe pakwe je kerjenya.tak senonoh betul perangai kite2 dulu. hahahaa..but nevertheless it was fun reading them all over again. it was like taking a stroll down the memory lane :)

tgk la surat tu..ya tuhan berhelai2 mukasurat!ish2..

makan time!

camwhoring time ;P hehee

i love this shot so much - Ika looked like she was sound asleep, while i looked like i was giggling in my sleep.hahaha

all in all, we had a super great time! we spent hours and hours just talking, laughing and reminiscing after old memories. drp kol 7.15am tu, we chilled out until 2.30pm and siap tukar2 venue lagi..pegi Taman Tasik Putrajaya plak sbb kitorg dihalau oleh pemotong2 rumput kat tepi tasik tu.hahaha..to Ika dearest, i can't thank u enough for being a lovely company that day, for lending me your ears (and your box of tissues) when i needed it the most. i felt muchhh better after talking to you. love you muchos. *hugsss*

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