Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-graduation, Graduation Ball & Graduation day.

It took me 7 long years to graduate. not because i flunked my courses (thank god), but it's because i chose to become involved in a field which requires long years of studying, hard work, tears and sleepless nights - or MEDICINE, in layman's term. haha :P

back in 2002, when i finished sitting for SPM, i got enrolled into the International Baccalaureate Programme in KOlej MARA Banting which was actually a foundation/preparation programme for those planning to do their undergraduate studies overseas. that took me 2 years to finish. in 2005, i flew to Dublin, Ireland under a twinning programme with Penang Medical College - the deal was for me to complete my pre-clinical courses there for 2 and a half yrs, then return to Penang to complete my clinical courses. that took me 5 long years until finally i graduated on July 4th, 2010. 7 tahun belajar..kalau ade anak dah besar dah anak tu, darjah 1 dah weh..huhu..:D

so here are a few snippets on what happened before, and during my graduation day :-


take 1: studio pictures, 20th june 2010

we received our graduation robes and mortar boards 2 weeks prior to the conferring ceremony, so i brought them back with me to KL. since i was going to hold on to it for quite some time, i thought maybe it was a good idea to take a pre-graduation studio picture while we had the time.

getting robed in, with the help of my sister.

standing: from left to right - my elder sister, yours truly, my sister in law, my eldest brother
sitting from left to right: dearest Baba + Mommy

with my beloved Mommy who has been and always will be my greatest pillar. love you muchos. mwahsss

take 2: KLCC outdoor shoot, 22nd june 2010

it's not everyday that you graduate - so my classmate, Wanie, came up with the coolest idea that we take outdoor photoshoot in our robes @ KLCC. i loved the idea instantly, because i know it was going to be fun! we tried asking as many PMC-ians to join us, but unfortunately only 4 of us turned up that day. or else im sure it'll be a whole lot merrier. the shoot started at 9am to avoid the scorching hot sun, and we were finished by nearly 12noon. thanks to Mujed and Aiza for bringing along their DSLRs and playing the role of freelance photographers ;)

kalau grad tak sah kalau tak baling mortar boards kan? :D

this picture was taken with us standing on the bridge overlooking the twin towers.

panas giler time nih!!

gambar lompat2.hehe

wanie siap beli bunga lagi tu utk menjiwai watak.hahaha

cool shot, eh?:)

2nd july 2010.

2 days prior to the conferring day itself, the PMC student association organised a graduation ball for seniors of class 2010 who are graduating this yr (that means us!) at the E&O hotel. the place was great, but i arrived late at the event because i had to wait for Danial to fetch me up at the Equatorial Hotel where i was staying at the time. still, i had a great time at possibly the last ball im going to attend, ever.
my colour theme during that night was champagne gold and mustard brown :)

the food was seriously superb!just look at the picture of our appetizer.huhu

our table.

those were helium balloons!
july 4th, 2010

On the morning of july 4th, i woke up at the sound of our room phone ringing. it was Mommy, and she asked me to have a look at the New Straits Times newspaper under my door. she said my name was in it. i was like, WTH? so i quickly flipped thru the pages and saw the page below:
now i know where our college spends our money on :P

that's my name right there ;)

at 10.30am sharp, a makeup artist from STAGE whom i have booked 2 weeks prior came knocking at my door. obviously i hired him to do my makeup for the big event. it took him over an hour to finish the makeover, but overall i was not that satisfied with his makeup cuz my friends said i could've done it myself. anyhow, i think he did a great job at concealing my eyebags and i think the whole day my foundation did not smear/smudge at all. thank u Lan! :D

lining up to wait for our turn to get on stage.

before entering the grand ballroom. we looked nervous kan?? cuak wehh nak naik atas pentas..kalau tersadung nanti malu seumur hidup!huhu..

while standing up to read the medical oath.

during the chaos just after robing. everyone was chatting away and asking each other 'do i look okay? tudung i senget tak?? mortar board i ok tak?" hahahah.

the long awaited scroll. i waited 7 long years for you!

nasibbaik nama i tak tergeliat omputih tu nak pronounce..hahaa..tp kan,ketaq lutut mase ni wor, tp apepun senyum mesti maintain..huhu..

senyum lagi..senyum...hehee..

right after i walked down from the stage, i saw my brother waiting alongside the hall to take paparazzi pictures of me. hahaha. so apelagi, senyum lagi la kan...:D

all of us received 3 big certificates, and one of them was written in Gaelic (Gaelic is the Irish's mothertongue). dont ask me how to speak Gaelic, cuz eventho i did live in Ireland for almost 3 yrs, i have never heard the language being spoken among the Irish themselves. they all conversed in English nowadays.

with my parents. sayanggg kamu!!

my small family. hopefully there will be an addition to it soon...

ni la satu2nye kakak i. asek gaduh je ngan die ni..we're like cats and dogs. heheh

my mommy who made it possible for me to be where i am today :)

with classmates.

and more classmates...

and more classmates...

having high tea after the ceremony.

getting ready for a group photo.

2010 graduates with PMC lecturers from Penang and Ireland.

just us throwing the mortarboards. i was in the front row, right in the middle. great spot eh? ;)

so that was it. my 7 years all wrapped up in one entry. all i can say is, the road was long and winding, but every second of it was worthwhile. 2003-2010 has finally came to its grand finale, and now here i am - about to embark on a new one.


  1. DR,

    how i wish to have this kind of celebration once graduated last 2003..never got time .but happy for you!!really cant await to read ur journey at ireland..it must..must..must be awesome i guess!!

  2. thank u! takpe, im sure u had a blast too during yours years ago :)
    btw i bukan kat ireland lagi skrg..dah lama dah balik Msia for good :)

  3. Tahniah Dr. Liana.. Kita doakan awak akan lebih berjaya dlm kerjaya, Amin. Kita tgu anak sedara 'future Dr' yg skg still study kt Putra, Jordan..

  4. Dr,

    sorry..(knew it alrdy that u're waiting time & place for posting)..

  5. littlehumblelynn: eh, it's no big deal at all.no worries :)

  6. congrats sis!!!!!....cant wait for that moments, i took IB too but in KMS, currently in india and twinning program too.....thats juz inspire me to study for my 2nd year unis this saturday...=(

  7. congrats.. inspiring laa.
    dr yg terror masak..
    sure ramai makcik berkenan nk jdkan menantu..

    really like your blog..keep on writing..
    i'm learning how to cook..