Sunday, August 8, 2010


lagi beberapa hari lagi dah nak masuk bulan Ramadhan..alhamdulillah, sbb dipanjangkan umur olehNya dan dpt merasa puasa lg tahun ni :) and this year, my Ramadhan will be more meaningful - because insya allah, this coming Thursday, my parents and i will be leaving for Tanah Suci Mekah utk menunaikan umrah. we are scheduled to leave on the afternoon, and will be arriving in Jeddah masa dah nak berbuka puasa waktu Jeddah nanti. dr Jeddah, kene naik bas ke Madinah for about 6-7 hours. we'll be staying in Madinah for 3 days, and then we'll leave for Makkah and spend the remaining 2 weeks there. dah lama tak merasa berpuasa kat Tanah Suci, the last time was when i went there with my parents & arwah atuk & nenek in year 2000. so now u know why i've been obsessing over packing my stuff as well as with my new project - menjahit jubah a couple of days ago. hehe...and good news is, jubah tu dah siap di jahit! (wpun agak buruk dan tak kemas jahitan die..)..well, asalkan boleh pakai, ok la kan ;) talk about packing pulak, im proud to say that i've done most of it, cuma tinggal nak get a few more stuff like selipar and socks je..yg lain tu tinggal nak susun dlm luggage je..masa pun dah tak byk, puasa pun dah tak lama lagi, mmg takleh lengah2 dah.

i'm actually very excited to go, sbb dah berbulan2 dah berniat utk ke sana lagi..that's why i purposely postponed to start working after raya. especially after what happened 5 months ago, i asked mom to bring me there to i dont solace i guess. and going thru those gruelling months during my final exam - ada beberapa nazar yg i buat and harus ditunaikan kat tanah suci nanti. insya allah, semoga dipermudahkan Allah semasa di sana. doakan spy kami selamat pegi dan menunaikan umrah yg dirahmatiNya. and hopefully, while im there, i'll get that peace of mind that i needed so much. insya allah :) doakan ye..

ni pulak breakfast for today, sgt simple - cucur udang with carrot. udangnye tak nampak sbb i dah potong2 spy senang nak makan. kalau buat cucur i suka letak telur, sbb dia jadi lagi gebu compared to if tak bubuh telur.

and this was our dinner last night: nasi ayam kampung. (sebabnye guna ayam kampung la..hehe..) my dad tak berapa minat ayam bandar ni, kalau i masak ayam bandar mesti die tak berapa nak makan. sbb tu if nak masak ayam, kene masak ayam kampung spy die boleh makan.

the chicken broth. plak gmbr ayam tu posing sblm i grill. i grilled it as one whole chicken, sbb malas nak potong siap2, nanti ayam tu senang overcooked plak. i covered the small parts of the wings and the ends of the drumstick with aluminium foil, to prevent them from being charred. i marinated using the simplest marinade ever - sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce and black pepper. it still tasted good though, sbb masa rebus ayam tu dah letak mcm2 rencah dah dlm broth tu.

ni gmbr ayam tu lepas dibakar..still charred a bit kat bahagian badan die.huhu tp kire ok la tu..asal garing ;) hehe

i haven't had the chance to upload a taste-berry quote last night, so here it goes:


A good friend allows you a safe space to share your deepest thoughts and needs - without worry of being judged, criticized or made to feel silly for feeling the way you do.

Do you have a friend who you can go to with absolutely anything you are thinking and feeling, knowing this person will take what you're saying seriously and not think any less of you? When you are going through a rough spot or even just sorting through your day-to-day thoughts and feelings, having someone you can trust to help sort through things is a real advantage. Knowing that you'll be accepted unconditionally as you unravel the knots of your problems and deepest thoughts is a great comfort and support. Appreciate friends who create this space for you. And dont forget to be a taste-berry: Return the same acceptance and friendship in full measure.

Promise of the day:

I will tell my friends, "Remember that I'm here to help if you ever need me".


I am blessed to have good friends who i can confide in. Thank you, you know who you all are ;). *hugss*

p.s: to my fellow PMC-ians who are starting housemanship tomorrow, i wish all of you the best of luck! be a good and safe doctor ok? :)


  1. Moga selamat pergi dan kembali..Selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak juga utk dr n family yeaa...jaga diri...

  2. maseh cik mat..doakan ye..slmt menyambut ramadan jugak utk cikmat sekeluarga..bila mula projek kuih raye? ;)

  3. Projek kuih raya mungkin 2 minggu sebelum raya..saya akan masukkan di blog...Di Jelita mungkin ada kot, keluaran akan datang ni..insya allah..