Wednesday, August 4, 2010

packing + unpacking.

i suck at a lot of things, really. one of them is packing and unpacking my stuff. you see, i have been home for over a month now, but let me tell you one secret - i have not completely finished unpacking my 2 and a half years in Penang which are now happily stacked ( my dismay of course!) in 5 large boxes in the our utility room. it's not that i dont have the time..i mean, i stay at home most of the time every single day, but i just couldn't bring myself up to go through the process of unpacking. well..mostly because:-

1. i don't have enough space in my little closet to put all my clothes/junk in there.

2. once i unpack, i really get overwhelmed because there's too many of them! too many baju kurungs, too many tudungs, too many PJs, too many this, too many that. i get headaches just imagining where to put them! that's why Mommy keep bugging me about it every single day..and whenever i want to buy new clothes or tudungs, she would go and say : "ha, tak cukup2 lagi ke tudung ngan baju tu? nak letak mane lepas ni, bawah katil??" erkk..sentap sekejap. huhuu..

but i guess i have to start doing it bit by bit starting from tonight (er..okay2, maybe tomorrow :P) because i'll be going out of the country next week for 2 weeks, so i need another episode of packing to accomplish. and you know another reason why i hate packing??? that's cuz i'm the type of person who thinks ahead of what to bring along, kalau boleh semua benda i rasa nak bawak. you know, like some ppl they just dump everything they need in there, and that's it, they're done. but im not like that you see, i'm the type who will lay out the exact amount of clothes and pants i need for the whole trip, and i always bring my travel iron along, an extension plug and my own hangers and clothes pegs (utk gantung tudung spy tak berkedut and tak payah gosok selalu. hahaha :P) . dulu whenever my friends and i went for a road trips overseas, mmg beg i yg paling gedabak skali! huhu.. i guess i do take after some traits from my dad after all - he's the type yg mmg akan plan over something in detail. kalau pegi berjalan and dok hotel, mmg die akan bawak extension plug smpai dua! nak charge ape pun i tak tau la..but they do come in handy sometimes ;)

okayyy..enough of that. hehe. now let's get to today's taste-berry inspirational quotes:-


When you're feeling stressed, try to bear down and focus on what's in front of you, and ask yourself: - " what has to get done, right now, right here, right this very second?"

Sometimes you can get end up feeling as if there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. A matter-of-fact approach helps:
-what is most worth doing?
-what needs to be done right now?
-what can wait and what CAN'T?

Make a daily "to-do" lists, then learn a "first things first" method. Concentrating and working on the moment at hand is a good way to make it through the immediate stress. When you do this, it moves you to action. Otherwise, you might get paralyzed by "overwhelm" and do nothing. Don't forget to plan ahead so that you're not always caught in the jaws of stress. Learn to use your time wisely: Practice "first things first" and plan ahead.

Promise of the day:
I will make a "to-do" list of my activities for the day and use it to get through them.


Err..okayy. I better start with unpacking AND start packing at the same time too! (after i'm done posting this entry, that is ;P ).

so here's tonight's dinner for Mommy + me, we decided to go Western tonight:-

Garlic wholemeal bread (grilled using my new griddle pan, yeayyy! :D) and mushroom soup. The bread i did not make myself (breadmaker takde lagi - which reminds me, i have to add it to my wish list! ;) ), the soup came straight out from the can (malam ni agak malas nak masak lebih2.huhu) but the garlic spread i did make from scratch, which was easy peasy. budak 5 tahun pun bole buat kot. huhu

and here's Baba's dinner, lauk ala2 kampung yg tak berapa kampung sgt kot :-

From above top: sambal sotong kering, ikan kembung hidup goreng & sayur tumis pucuk paku. simple je kan. almaklumle hari ni anak dara die malas banyakkk..hahah..

sesiapa yg tak penah tgk rupa sotong kering meh sini i tunjuk (ade ke yg tak penah tgk?):-

yg on the left side tu gmbr sotong kering tu lepas i rendam for 2 hours. sotong ni bahagian kepala je, and masin sbb dah diawet. tp lepas i rendam lame sikit masin nye tu dah kurang. gambar on the right tu lepas dah di sambal. sotong ni rasa die agak pelik skit..tak semua org suka kot. i'm neutral with it, bole je la nak telan, tapi takla suka. i pun tak paham why my dad sgt la suka dgn sambal sotong kering ni..sotong segar lagi sedap kot?

ni plak gambar sotong kering yg masih dlm packet. kot2 la ade yg berminat plak nak beli and try rasa lepas ni..hehe ;)

ni plak gambar lunch tgh hari tadi. pun lunch org malas gak: nasi goreng ikan bilis dgn telur mata, salad & keropok ikan.


  1. if i may ask...what camera did u use? suka ur edit dulu ke atau amik direct from camera?

  2. lady D: i pakai my blackberry nye cameraphone je..pixel die rendah je sbnrnye,tak smpai 5 mp pun i ade la edit a little bit dulu tp sharpness tu mmg i tak kacau.ade mcm gmbr DSLR ke?hahaha perasan lak ek :D

  3. Hi slamat berkenalan. ...

    nice pix... rajin memasak yerk

    jom singgah umh akak

  4. hello liana. how r u?
    dah jadi doc now ye? kalau sudi & ada masa singgah la ke my blog:

    all the very best in ur coming internship :)

  5. aquahartz: thank u sbb singgah..and it's nice to know another fellow doctor :)

  6. Salam..hmm selain bergeliga, pandai masak, ambik pic pun not bad laaa...Garlic bread tu lawaaa....

  7. cik mat:hehee..tak pandai la cik mat oi..main hantam sj tu..